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The percentage of native Lithuanians who live in Kaunas is greater than in any other Lithuanian city. Florian, the patron saint of firefighters, a schoolhouse, an inn and a few more buildings under re-construction.

That may or may not matter to you, but it’s worth remembering that it’s only in Kaunas that you can claim to have seen the living, beating heart of Lithuania. Europe In Your Pocket Get In Your Pocket before you go The full In Your Pocket range is available to purchase online at: Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps TIRANA 2006 - 2007 BUCHAREST April - May 2006 WARSAW August - September 2006 ST. N°34 - 100 Kč Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Cover story A view from the foot of the statue of a naked Man. Make sure to duck inside the inn to find a truly unique collection of buggies and carriages.

Hotels Restaurants Cafés nightlife sightseeing Events Maps Kaunas May 2007 - May 2008 Walkabout Adventures by foot all about ... If they don`t have it in stock they`ll happily order it for you. 370 686 333 88, fax 20 91 64, [email protected], In 1935-1939, some peasants could afford such luxury.

N°15 - 5Lt Druskininkai, Kėdainiai and more Contents  E S S E N T I A L C I TY G U I D E S Contents Arriving in Kaunas How to go to town once you turn up 6 8 10 12 14 16 The Basics Essential information, from tipping to toilets History Kaunas was the capital once, you kow Culture & Events What, where and when Walkabout Exploring Kaunas on foot Where to stay A bed for every budget Dining & Nightlife Where to eat Cheap and cheery? Cafés Find a top table anywhere in town Nightlife Wrapping up the wild side 21 26 27 Kaunas was the capital of Lithuania at one stage (those pesky Poles soft of ‘borrowed’ Vilnius for a bit) and it was only fitting that a big glossy churchy thing be constructed in the then-capital. Suvalkija was the first region in Lithuania where serfdom was abolished, and as the area also has good soil, locals soon found themselves in posession of independant wealth, radios and gramaphones.

Other Kaunas-was-capital attractions – or, rather, the other Kaunas-was-capital attraction, is the museum in the building that was the President’s palace (page 34). Musical instruments old and new, plus a small stock of spares from guitar strings to clarinet pads. Outside of the village there is another windmill and a building where linseed oil is pressed.

Now it is only attended by statues of Presidents in the garden, and tourists who have run out of more interesting things to do. Žemaitija Next on the agenda is the region of Žemaitija where the homesteads are by far the biggest in the park.

If you’ve been stuck on a bus for hours, well maintained toilets (open - , 0.70Lt) can be found hiding behind the buildings on the southeast side of the station. Arriving by plane The airport is 12km north of Kaunas.  Getting there If you’re a fish, finding your way to Birštonas is a doddle.

Karlštejn’s renovated jewel Facade art N°4 - 400 lek the Polish Versailles Russian in Russia The best ways to discover the language April 2006 N°24 rock Visiting the Bohemian Paradise Painting the city pink N°40 - 8.00 lei - 5zł (w tym 7% VAT) 1641-5264 Out of town Poland‘s top spa town: Nałęczów Culture & Events Simple Minds, t. com, packed with new features and even easier to use than before. Suvalkija – Lithuanian luxury Open Air Museum of Lithuania (Lietuvos Liaudies Buities Muziejus Rumšiškėse) 25km east of Kaunas just off the A1 highway, tel. QNote that while the park itself is open - every day except Mondays, the many museums, exhibitions, shops, cafés and other attractions inside the park can only be relied upon to maintain the same opening hours from May to September inclusive. About 25km east of Kaunas is the turn-off for Rumšiškės. By public transport Buses leave from Kaunas bus station, some going straight to the museum.

Kanklininkas (musician)  Foreword Kaunas is a bit of an unruly little mite. Show an interest, give it a chance and it comes up trumps every time. Inside the Gintališkės homestead toward the end of the area one can find a clog maker’s workshop.

It doesn’t come up and embrace you with pretty Old Town views, and if you’re after a five-star hotel you’re in the wrong city. It would not be an understatement to say that Kaunas has the best nightclubs in the country. Also of note is at the end of the village stands a numas, a house believed to have been used during the Middle Ages.

We are proud to be the most-stolen item from hotel foyers, cafés and the back pocket of anyone walking slowly. Once you get to where you’re going, you have to park. Water words Hello – Laba diena Good morning (until about ) – Labas rytas Good evening – Labas vakaras Good bye – Viso gero Hi – Labas Please – Prašome Thank you – Ačiū Excuse me / sorry – Atsiprašau Yes – Taip No – Ne Cheers! Monday – Pirmadienis Tuesday – Antradienis Wednesday –Trečiadienis Thursday – Ketvirtadienis Friday – Penktadienis Saturday – Šeštadienis Sunday – Sekmadienis Insurance Lietuvos Draudimas D-2, Donelaičio 62, tel. What’s more, in the past couple of years, some rather fine hotels and restaurants have popped up, making Birštonas an ideal destination for a romantic weekend.

Copyright notice Text and photos copyright UAB VIYP 1992-2007; some photos, LATGA-A; maps, cartographer. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form, except brief extracts for the purpose of review, without written permission from the publisher and copyright owner. Parking meters don’t accept coins, and work only on a debit card system. You can also often see lots of wedding parties queueing for photos at the top of the hill that overlooks the town.Trolleybuses 3, 5, 7 and 14 all leave from the first stop on the right-hand (north) side of Vytauto, directly opposite the station. George’s Market Hockey Fever Harbour tours Down in the docks Everything you need to know about IIHF World Championship in Riga Tarnów Football events Win or lose, this is where to party N°41 - 5zł (w tym 7% VAT) 1508-2334 Explore the Pearl of the Renaissance Explore Latvia N°40 - 8.00 lei - 1.20Ls Take a day trip to the seaside towns of Jūrmala and Liepāja Getting active in Kraków N°7 - Free copy Complimentary copy Complimentary copy The Kaunas telephone code is 370 - May 2008 Kaunas In Your Pocket  BAsi Cs Alcohol We don’t want to sound like your mum, but it has to be said: Go easy. 370 319 613 00, fax 370 319 613 01, [email protected],

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