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Each region has its own designs and patterns with hidden meaning, passed down from generation to generation and studied by ethnographers.

There are many rushnyk collections in ethnographic museums.

At the same time, there’s plenty of blondes, brunettes, and jet-blacked hair girls to go around. Girls that you date in Ukraine aren’t going to spill their life story on the first date.

The majority of them are thin—you won’t find the curves that you would find in places like South America. Once you start meeting some Ukrainian women, you’re in for some surprises—both good and bad. The reality is that it isn’t necessarily , but it’s just not as “fake” as many cultures in the Western world. In fact, it may even take a month or more to get a girl to really start opening up to you.

The diamond-shaped design of the rushnyk is an ancient agricultural symbol, which means a sown field, or the sun, and expresses the idea of fertility and protection against evil.

Ducks, in the centre of the rushnyk, symbolize the element of life-giving water.

Night: Bars and clubs, which city you should go to, and whether or not one night stands are common. Online: A detailed discussion of both Ukraine Date and Tinder—which one is best for you? At least during the summer—winter is another story.

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Nabozhnyks, also called nabraznyks or nakutnyks are used to decorate icons and icon corners in homes.Colour plays a very important symbolic role in traditional Slavic embroidery.Red is the colour of life, the sun, fertility and health.) is a ritual cloth embroidered with symbols and cryptograms of the ancient world.

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They have been used in sacred Eastern Slavic rituals, religious services and ceremonial events such as weddings and funerals.The majority of rushnyks are embroidered with red threads.