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Below, is a more detailed history of the activities of the search team as well as several 'brainstorming' ideas for making 230 S. This is the information that was shared with the focus group. Spiritual Awakening: a building that is supportive of our spiritual journey by inspiring us through beauty, comfort, and harmonious space, inside and out.The focus group included Lora Bruder, John Kusak, Stacey Ames, Phyllis Jolly, Rick Jolly, Ireaby Jolly, Sue Winklestern, Jeff English, Nancy Jaehn, Deborah Pennington, as well as the facilities team of Nan Podany, Lucille Olson, Kay Batterson, Dan Maynard, Nancy Cody, Deborah Otis, Val Jedrzejaski (absent: Dave Otis) Contents. Freedom: a building that supports the ministry in serving our congregation and our larger community in doing those things we are inspired to do – e.g. A., scouts and other community groups, freedom to have more than one activity happening at the same time without interfering with other activities.But what topped things off is the fact that she had taken his Chicago Bulls long sleeve shirt and put it on and wrapped up in it. He was so confused and scared at what he was seeing that he instinctively THREW the water all over her in the bed.She then jumped up screaming at his ass, asking him what the F*^K his problem is, and he stood there shocked that he actually threw the water on her, and even more horrified as she started to wrap her weave up in ANOTHER one of his shirts.

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Stewardship: a building that uses our resources wisely.

But what makes him unique is that he LIVES this ideology by applying a common-sense methodology to any woman he dates.

He will not spend too much time with her, too much money on her, or compromise much of anything to her as long as they are just dating.

My boy met this young woman off of a e-dating site and they began emailing and texting each other back and forth for a week or so before deciding to schedule their first date.

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They both discussed their careers, dreams and past relationships on the actual date and things went VERY well.Before we get into today’s post, I want to send a HUGE apology out to each and every one of my readers.

"When we compared the two groups, the interesting finding was that the frequency of asymptomatic shedding was about 3% in both groups.… continue reading »

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