Example of a literature review on interracial dating

19-May-2016 09:43

Such ideological attacks often effectively destroy his credibility, allowing his actual arguments to be ignored.A once-innocuous phrase has become politically “weaponized.”Under the usual parameters of public debate, challenges to established orthodoxy are treated as “extraordinary claims” that must be justified by extraordinary evidence.I would also like to acknowledge and thank my husband, Felix, whose support helped make this article possible.The underlying political strategy behind these efforts may already be apparent, and I’ve sometimes suggested it here and there.Once this result has been widely recognized, the credibility of the media on all other matters, even totally unrelated ones, would be somewhat attenuated.Ordinary people would naturally conclude that if the media had been so wrong for so long on one important point, it might also be wrong on others as well, and the powerful suspension of disbelief that provides the media its influence would become less powerful.

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Hence, the more productive strategy may sometimes be an indirect one, attacking the media narrative elsewhere, at points where it is much weaker and less well-defended.The importance of preparing for marriage is apparent when one considers the consequences of marital distress and the high rate of divorce.

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