George lopez episode dubya dad and dating part 2 elena hight greg bretz dating

01-Jan-2017 03:44

With his job in jeopardy, George tries to cancel Carmen's expensive quinceañera (15th birthday party).

But since Angie is successful with her cosmetics business, she gets to make the financial decisions in the family now--to George's chagrin.

Manny explains that this is the only way he could get George to listen to him apologize for abandoning the family when George was a youngster.

Manny gets George released, but George is still reluctant to forgive him for the past.

An inspector interviews them and then closes the plant temporarily until it is determined what happened.

Desperate, George's boss asks him to prevent his workers from quitting.

To earn money for the displaced staffers, the Lopez family turns their home into a haunted house on Halloween.

Meanwhile, Benny suffers a delayed reaction to the accident.

Meanwhile, Benny hesitates to tell George that she is dating a co-worker, the much younger Randy (recurring guest star NICK OFFERMAN).

Meanwhile, George's boss informs him that a security camera captured him stealing the President's speech after an appearance at the plant. When George invites Manny to dinner at home, Benny is furious to see her ex-husband.