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John Lamb published a small volume of Poetical Pieces on Several Occasions, including an amusing description of the daily routine of a lady's footman, probably drawn from early experience.

Elizabeth Field was a member of a family of Hertfordshire farmers.

His garden was dismantled, and its contents sold by auction in May 1792.

Dr Pitcairn was also physician to From 1792 to 1825 (when he retired) Charles Lamb worked as a clerk in the India House.

It may help you relate this to modern London if you note that the present day Liverpool Street station is just north of Devonshire House, on the other side of Bishopsgate.

Charles Lamb a fellow pupil of Samuel Taylor Coleridge at Christ's Hospital - known as the bluecoat school because of its uniform.

He was buried on the 1st of December in the church of St Bartholowew-the-Less.

His dead brother, Robert, revealed the method to him in a dream.

Joseph, the foster father of Jesus, revealed to him how to use carpenter's glue for the paints. He had a house in the Upper- street, Islington, opposite Cross-street, to which he frequently retired and where he had a botanical garden five acres in extent, laid out with great judgement, and so abundantly stocked with the scarcest and most valuable plants as to be second only in size and importance to dr Fothergill's garden at Upton.

In 1911 "These Buildings are still to be seen, forming a quaint alley of dark brick houses with pedimented doorways and white window- frames"] In Salt's house, Mary Lamb "was tumbled early, by accident or design, into a spacious closet of good old English reading, without much selection or prohibition, and browsed at will upon that fair and wholesome pasturage." "As children Lamb and his sister Mary often stayed at Blakesware (demolished 1830), near Wareside, where Mary Field, their grandmother, was housekeeper to the Plumer family.

Lamb recalled these visits in his essays and ' Dream Children'.

Little Queen Street used to go south from High Holborn into Great Queen Street, now merged into Kingsway.