My boyfriend have been dating 8 years

21-Jan-2017 05:28

My ex-boyfriend, (I broke up with him 4-5 months ago) just informed me that he is interviewing for a job at my company (and a move back to our hometown, a smallish city).For some background, we are a medium-size company (~200 people) and the job he is applying for would be in the same office that I work in (about 30 people).

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This is about an ex who has persistently tried to get you back, who ignored your wishes to end the relationship, and who has continued to contact you repeatedly despite your telling him clearly to stop.

That is highly relevant here — because no employer who hears this context is going to invite this situation into their office.

This is another issue, but I just dread the possibility of seeing him at work, him talking smack about me to coworkers, and overall being condescending toward me, or trying to get on my nerves if he can’t get what he wants (me).

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Has it occurred to you that this is no coincidence and he’s applying for a job at your company specifically in order to be around you?Because given his disregard for your clearly stated boundaries and his willingness to behave inappropriately, that’s almost certainly what’s happening here.

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