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18-Sep-2016 03:54

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I have seen rats leave debris under the hood of my car but nuisance started in my Santro Xing they had chewed the top of the windscreen washer & was leaking water.

Around 6 months ago my workers poured water & cleaned a rats nest which was in my car garage,the next day i found the rats had chewed clean through my Sparco mud flaps !

Wurth Stone Guard Spray - 500ml WURTH Stone Guard is a premium-quality, paintable surface protectant designed for automotive applications.

It forms a hard, textured finish that helps prevent chipping and abrasions caused by stones and debris while inhibiting the development of rust.

No damage was done apart from a small burnt patch on the engine. Rats trajectory include wall edges and they will most probably enter your car if they find it too near to their way. Also some napthalene balls stuffed behind the insulation pad on the bonnet and at every possible and safe socket in the engine bay.

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Apparently they figured the rats had played with the aged wiring Yeah rats have been a nuisance for me as well as they keep chewing stuff in my engine bay. by covering your car,you are giving them just that!!!They have an old Mahindra jeep which parks in a garage earshot distance away from their home.Apparently the rats chewed & tripped some of the old wiring which made the jeep start & run straight into the garage wall !Now i kinda figured why i use to see a Laura parked with the hood open in a house in Bangalore.

It was not Skoda's usual car trouble as me & my friends use to joke The most ridiculous rat damage story i heard was from a friend.

I stumbled on this solution when i was surfing online a few days ago.