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Takahashi-san as a gesture of appreciation from us fans, for the 'inspiration' she's provided us... She Thinks I Swung Down To Her Room 'Deliberately'.. I'm Beginning To Fear That It's Turning Into Some Sort Of Stupid, Grade School-Style "Crush"...! You Guys Have 'Got' To Hide Me-- From Rei--- From Sugoi--- From this whole stupid holiday celebration! There was no doubt that this problem of Megane's had many ominous implications--- Besides the danger of Rei murdering their friend; there was the increasing possibility that- if Sugoi was truly convinced that Megane was "The Boy of Her Dreams" -and if Sugoi had all of the stubborn, refusal-to-listen-to-reason that they'd seen before in 'other' Oni! Then, that meant that Megane might face the very real risk of Sugoi making him her obsession and monopolizing 'all' of his time.....!!!! ) After a moment of thought, Pama asked Kaji if he could use the computer to run off a fax-copy photo of Sugoi for him? Below these two light-panels was a small light-blue button, with a question mark on it..! As Benten and Lan peered intently at the scanner with alert fascination; Lum happened to notice her two (usually-at-odds) friends together, hovering over something; -and when she floated over to see what they were holding- when she caught sight of the unit the teenage, ET-"biker princess" was holding, a startled and flustered, embarrassed 'blush' abruptly colored the cheeks of the pretty "Oni-princess"... [This second part completes the story of Megane's first meeting with Rei's little sister, Sugoi...! Due to a mystic, astrological 'miracle' that occurred only once every fifteen years; .. For her, the one thing, that the pretty little fifteen-year-old 'wanted'; -more than anything else,..a boyfriend-! and he couldn't deny that it made one feel a sense of 'importance' to feel needed-! But- [: Although Megane hadn't realized it; he wasn't the first person to feel the tense, nagging worry of the unwritten post, script to that old line of prayer: "-Deliver us from temptation! Of course, he did have the support of his friends to give him encouragement- "ATARU-!!! Naturally, none of the boys mentioned this idea to each other,..(if the others didn't suspect... )-- However, after a bit of thought, Megane's "pals" felt that maybe it'd help if they could get Megane to 'look on the bright side')! In the picture, Sugoi was seen posing with a dimpled smile, with one of her long, Amerindian-style braids coiled around one arm, that'd been lifted in a casual 'stretch', to pose with one finger raised thoughtfully to her cheek.. Don't worry; "I" shall 'comfort' you if Megane doesn't want you! Regarding the anime what are your thoughts on their relationship?I'm not a shipper or anything but it came up somewhere and I rewatched episode 160, and although Mr. .." Kaji glanced up from a desktop viewscreen: "Megane??! The girl pictured on the white square was an angel in long gown, with folded hands, lowered eyes, and a demure smile... " With a contemptuous smirk, Benten gestured up sardonically with her thumb. She's thirty floors below us....she's going into a room like the one we're in.... Set side-by-side, each light-panel was a square of opaque glass -one, ruby-red; the other pearl-white- and each with a picture of a pretty girl etched onto it in black lines.. " Glancing up at her friend, the rowdy teenage space-biker girl grinned wryly and gave a sheepish shrug, before lifting the scanner to let Lum have a glimpse of the lighted 'white' indicator--- ".. -The way she was 'describing' him, I figured it might be wise for somebody t' find out,--on the hush! ) As Sugoi tore her attention away from a gently smiling Oyuki; Sugoi looked around at the other girls with a dazzling smile, to sigh and exclaim.. .." Looking at the scanner in her hand, Benten quipped ironically- "-Oh, I think we'll believe you..." Glancing at Lum and Benten, Lan giggled: "-I wonder what Megane-kun is thinking right now? And Then IFelt So Happy IWas Dancing On Top Of The Railing! He Leaped Forward And Snatched Me Off Of The Railing; "Crushing"Me In His Arms As He Whirled Me Away From The Balcony! )And ITold Him That IWould Never Part With Him For As Long As We Lived!! Knowing how Lum had reacted when she first started chasing Ataru, Shinobu didn't find it difficult to imagine what sort of ideas were starting to pass thru the younger oni-girl's mind): "Sugoi? "-And Then He Told Me That He Felt Like He Couldn't Catch His Breath!! He Said He Felt Like The Whole World Was Spinning Around Us! That IDeserved Some One Better Than Him(Isn't That So Utterly Heartfelt And Selfless?! - First call on the viewscreen-cha; and..." (Shinobu leaped up to wave one hand in front of Sugoi's eyes; -by now, a vacant, dreamy-eyed smile had appeared on the face of the one-horned oni-girl; as she clasped both hands to her cheek and seemed to be drifting off into some sort of wistful, far-away daydream.

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.." Waivering uncertainly, looking back and forth from Oyuki (and the other girls); -and looking up in the direction of the Boy's apartments;.. ' -if she could only persuade Sugoi to talk about it).. )He Said It Wouldn't Be Right For Him To Remain There!!

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