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22-Feb-2016 06:27

is the eighth book in the Tom Gates series and cements the seemingly unstoppable reign of Liz Pichon as diarist author supremo for the primary school generation.Tom Gates, for those few of you left in the universe who might not know about him, is Pichon’s creation and British rival to Jeff Kinney’s, Gregg Heffley (Diary of a Wimpy Kid).Tom is sceptical, but almost won over by making a kite with his dad. Since I read an absolutely bumper crop of books on holiday last week, I have managed three chapters of one book this week, due to life battering me about the head and neck with a bit of two by four, and me having to try to organise myself. So I have no new book recommendations to share with you today, but I do have some feedback regarding an old favourite of mine on this blog, the books of Liz Pichon, who writes the perennially popular Tom Gates’ series, published by Scholastic.I have been reviewing the Tom Gates’ books, ever since my daughter Tallulah started reading them a while back.It also develops Tom’s home life with Tom’s mum wanting to clear out the house and go to a car boot sale, where Tom and his dad make a mistake which could ruin Tom’s mum’s birthday if they don’t put it right before the end of the book.There is less mention of Tom’s band, Dog Zombies in this book, although if you’re pining for them, the end pages have cartoon strips of the actual Dog Zombies for you.There are often tips, ideas and techniques for drawing things, but in the last few books there have been makes as well.

There are always things to do in the Tom Gates’ books.

Scholastic, who publish the books, also have a fantastic Tom Gates blog and website which you can access here, which provides lots of activities and ideas in the inimitable Tom Gates’ style.

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