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Constand, a Canadian now living in Toronto, says he drugged and molested her.

She did not report their encounter until a year later, when the then-district attorney, Bruce Castor, decided there was not enough evidence to pursue Cosby.

Mc Monagle said he plans to file for a change in venue for both the location of the trial and the jurors, asserting the current population is too saturated with information about the case.

O'Neill expressed skepticism that an untainted jury pool could be found anywhere else.“This is a case of national interest,” O’Neill said.

Steele's plan to call testimony from witnesses asserting a pattern of "prior bad acts" had been expected, but this was the first official indication of the prosecution's intentions.

Cosby's defense team is expected to argue vociferously against such a move.“During the course of this case, the Commonwealth investigated nearly 50 women allegedly victimized by defendant,” the court papers say.

Each charge against him carries five to 10 years in prison and a ,000 fine.

Steele is pursuing Cosby now because he believes he has new evidence: Cosby's own words in a deposition he gave in the civil lawsuit Constand filed against him in 2005, which was later settled.